I grew up more interested in science and math than I did the arts. I took the usual photos with my brownie camera growing up, but wasn't that interested in photography until I got my first digital camera and didn't have to have film developed. I became more aware of the beauty in world around me after a bout with cancer, but I didn't really start to learn to compose a picture until my daughter, while in Florence, Italy gave me a quick short lesson on what to look for in a picture or a painting to draw a person's eye to a particular area. I am still learning with my point and shoot digital camera, but hope to buy a Digital SLR camera one of these days. Most of my pictures are taken on hikes as I hike every Saturday. I occasionally travel and am including pictures taken on those trips. I also, like the idea of being able to take my digital photos and apply filters using Photoshop. They can then take on a whole new meaning.

One piece of advice if you decide to make photography a hobby. Make sure you bring your camera with you where ever you go. You never know what you might find. You may miss the picture of the year if you don't have your camera.

Keep checking back. I have several more pictures to put up and I am always taking new ones.

Thanks to all!